How To : Twist turban with a scarf

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Twiggy///Wear a summer scarf in your hair and pair with white glasses for a 60s style.

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25 DIY Scarves, Wraps, Turbans and Shawls for Crazy Hair Days and Hot Summer Nights. I'm not sure I could pull off this look but I like it :)

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What makes for a great salon in L.A.? For some, it's all about having a renowned stylist sailing the ship. Others may judge a salon by how well their lowest-level stylist trims hair. And, for a lot of people around here, it all boils down to who

wear a scarf in your hair. Going to need this as my hair grows out.

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Hair roll

How to wear a head scarf - vintage hair

Hot weather hairstyles - messy high buns for long hair, I love the very last one so cute. I wear my hair like that every day just without the scarf. Would be a cute touch.


Twisted hair + straightener = loose curls. Just twist up all your hair really tight, hold it at the end, go over it with a straightener a few times, tighten the twist, go over it again, straighten the end of the twist, then comb it all out with your fingers and spray with a little hairspray.