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  • Kristen Mitcham

    tattoo artist was at American Tattoo

  • Taylor Morris

    awhh :Giraffe tattoo and a story: "I got this giraffe in memory of one of my best friends. She was tall and beautiful. Her favorite animal was the giraffe. She has a pink bow on her tail and ladylike eyelashes. I love and miss her so much, this tattoo is just there to always remind me that she will always be here." The artist was Tiffiny at American Tattoo in Brunswick, MD.

  • Emily Rose

    #Giraffe #arm #tattoo

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Featuring the Giraffe tattoo from our Galapagos Collection

Beautiful colors, beautiful moon, lovely clouds. (The beak is the only thing that bugs me.)

the owner says "It is a compilation of pieces from my favourite artist Conrad Roset. It was originally a watercolour so transferring it to tattoo form was quite hard and a massive thanks goes out to my tattoo artist Steli at Barry Louivaine’s House of Living Art in London for his time and skill."

Hummingbirds are amazing. Pair with dream catcher and I have a great tattoo idea, for Native American, grandma, and a touch of Disney lol

Stand Tall Giraffe. Love this, but it's hard when you're short...

...which is exactly what I'm presuming this person was doing when they got this tattoo. #ThinkPeople

I sometimes wish I had the guts to get a fantastic tattoo like this! (I'm also kinda digging the haircut! Maybe when it gets too hot in the summer...)

“You can’t change the wind; you can, however, adjust your sails.”By Jason at Cottage 13 Hamilton, Ontario