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Raised beds with handmade tepee trellises in North Yorkshire, England

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I LOVE this idea for tomatos, in fact I've seen several farms that sell the produce they raise, growing their toms this way.

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willow raised garden bed - potatoes and strawberries

Fun Teepee

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bean teepee

Grow Proverbs

Proverbs 31 Woman

Trellis Squash

Growing Squash On A Trellis

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Squash Arbor

trellises for winter squash

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Save space and your zucchinis from pests by growing them upright in a tomato cage. I think next year I'm gonna add a couple smaller raised garden beds and do this.

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The Craft & Art of Bamboo. The top design would be great for the grapes!

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Garden with raised beds

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love the woven raised beds and trellis


A Kitchen Garden guaranteed to make you smile

Garden Christie

Garden Guaranteed




3/4 Beds

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You Smile

Trellis between raised beds. Love, love, love it!!

Remodelistafrom Remodelista

The Ultimate Kitchen Garden, Courtesy of a California Master

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raised garden bed

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Sunsetfrom Sunset

Step-by-step: Build the ultimate raised bed

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How to build the perfect raised bed.



3/4 Beds

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Green Thumb

Black Thumb

Green Hand

Brown Thumb

548 662

Pallet raised beds

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Raised Garden Beds: Grow a Vegetable Garden in Raised Beds

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DIY Wine Box Vegetable Garden by the style files by LLH Designs via thestylefiles.....good herb garden idea

Ben Greenfield Fitness - Diet, Fat Loss and Performance Advicefrom Ben Greenfield Fitness - Diet, Fat Loss and Performance Advice

#227: How To Grow Your Own Superfoods

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Raised-bed vegetable garden

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Raised-bed vegetable garden.

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Trellis between two raised beds increases your growing space and creates shade!