Raised beds with handmade tepee trellises in North Yorkshire, England

willow raised garden bed - potatoes and strawberries

Tomato trellises

I LOVE this idea for tomatos, in fact I've seen several farms that sell the produce they raise, growing their toms this way.

The Craft & Art of Bamboo. The top design would be great for the grapes!

trellises for winter squash

bean teepee

Garden Obelisk Trellis in vegetable garden.

great way to grow pumpkins and save space!

Pea tepee. Raised bed gardening. http://www.lazysundaycooking.com/grow-your-own/

rabbits would have to hop a little higher to get into the garden with this fencing!

Raspberry or blackberry trellis using hog fencing.

arch between raised beds

Raised Bed Gardening

How To Make Raised Beds And Do Them The Right Way

Amazing herb garden

10 reasons to plant a garden -Ooooby Pin is for the greenhouse tops on the raised beds, no tutorial though!w


Trellis between two raised beds increases your growing space and creates shade!

raised bed tomato trellis

Pumpkin hammock - Each pumpkin vine had been trained up a metal pole, its lone fruit deposited on the net for safekeeping. The pumpkins, poised over a Lilliputian garden world (“hills of parsley, valleys of lettuces, rivers of origanum”), are meant to symbolize the daily course of the sun.