seedlings - mannn i can never keep seedlings alive! they sprout and get to about an inch, but then they shrivel. maybe need to make a mini-green house for them

Beautiful garden ideas and many reasons why you should consider planting a vegetable garden from @Shari Brown Lynne

spring planting

herb gardens.

Who says you don't have any room for an herb garden. Pony up, lazies.

The BEST site I have seen on the subject! Permaculture Design: Vegetable & Herb Guilds | Permaculture Magazine

Recycled Pallet Garden

T U S E N F R Ö J D- such a cute potting/ garden shed.

seed holes.

Herb Garden

potager garden

Alternative Gardning: Seed Spacing Template

Are you inspired to eat healthier food and feel better? Choose what kind of garden you would like to plant: an apothecary garden, green smoothie garden, salsa garden, herbal tea garden. This list of 200 organic seed companies will inspire you to get going and plant your garden! Better Living through healthy choices. Herboloy and Herbal Use/Education.

"Buried Pot Garden!! Not only will your garden be extraordinarily charming and tidy, it'll consume less water and energy. Sunken planter gardens like this one provide both form and function. The pots prevent your herbs or plants from overrunning their designated areas, and the mulch keeps unwanted weeds and pests at bay while consuming no water and energy."

Never, even on the best day, does my vegetable garden looks this neat.

Urban Kitchen Garden

flower & herb Garden