merry freakin christmas

Split. I would either pee on myself cuz its so funny or freak out that a hip might be broken if I saw Stitch do this...

Cha Cha Cha! Dog Costume - Pure Costumes I just died picturing Darla in this @Brittany Horton Trani

Would love an English Bull dog. And he shall be known as Morse.

This had been the original plan for my Christmas card...except my bullies wouldn't cooperate.: Doggie Lights, Christmas Cards, Christmas Animals, Bully Lights, English Bulldogs, Christmas Lights

love... French Bulldogs sleeping peacefully with baby - precious!

and then he said I was fat!

5 Crazy Bulldog Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Iz u ok?

According to the United Kennel Club, English Bulldogs are characterized by: "The English Bulldog has an equable and kind disposition; and is resolute and courageous. The characteristic demeanor is one of peace and dignity. These attributes are evident in the expression and behavior of the breed." Fits a women's shoe size 6-8.5.

Sebastian the French Bulldog

Don't be mad bro :). This is why I need a bulldog

Just Swinging

sometimes eating is hard

I like to be near my human

Surf Dogs, Huntington Beach, CA photo by Robyn Beck via The annual Surf City Surf Dog Competition. #Surf_Dogs #Dogs #Huntington_Beach #CA #Surf_City_Surf_Dog #Robyn_Beck

French Bulldog Christmas

that face...

"Shhhhh … my show is on." ~Clover the English Bulldog

All You Need Is Love and a Labrador - Mug

A pug always makes the day better.