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Parli italiano ? Se sì, vai sul sito di Regione Lombardia dedicato agli OpenData per avere un elenco dei Mercati, sapere dove sono e quali orari di apertura hanno. Lo trovi qui:

Anna and Clare brush up data visualization as they prep for the first-ever Socrata-thalon. Engineer John looks on, offering creepy eyes and bits of advice.

See what President Obama meant when he made open government one of his campaign promises. is the most recently released of Federal government transparency sites. Find out more here:

See what people are saying about NOAA's projects on their data site:

The World Bank has leveraged the latest in Data Experience technology to provide data consumers with an easy to understand dashboard for each country that details past grants, credits, and loans.

We all know that the State of Missouri can have some scary weather. That's why they provide their citizens with full access to information regarding how they can stay safe during severe weather. Check it out here:

The State of Missouri recently went with Socrata to create their new data website. Check them out ( and see what you can learn about the Show-Me State!

Find out who is making how much on Oklahoma's data site, This specific data set can be found at

View execution data from Iran since 2009 on this dataset: