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Parli italiano ? Se sì, vai sul sito di Regione Lombardia dedicato agli OpenData per avere un elenco dei Mercati, sapere dove sono e quali orari di apertura hanno. Lo trovi qui:

Identify the rows and/or columns that will be headings or field names. Check the "Errors" notification and attend to any potential issues.

Every dataset that is hosted on the Socrata open data platform, or federated from another Socrata-powered site, can be interactively explored online.

Socrata data can be filtered, sorted, arranged as tables, text lists, or single pages for each record in the dataset.

Newly-uploaded data, or data you're editing, is stored in a "working copy," which lets you make changes and review them before releasing them to the public.

Specify the metadata that describes your datasets, to make them discoverable and universally accessible. (Metadata is what data publishers use to describe their datasets, create user-friendly descriptions and tag content to help constituents find the data and make sense of it.)

If you have an address, or latitude/longitude coordinates, you can use them to create a "Location" column for making maps from your data.

The Socrata-powered HSMP site provides administrators with a highly-configurable data experience site with no technical skill set needed.