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Chicagoans: 311 is so last century. Tell Chicago what needs attention now straight from your Android device! Fixit! allows you to report what's broken, what needs cleaning or a simple check up so they can direct city resources where they're needed most. Go beyond reporting and get involved - Fixit! will occasionally ask you to check out reports submitted by other users to help the city determine which areas should be tended to first.

Use the Chicago Service Request Helper app to report and track service requests in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Chicago Local Guide: Calendar of EVENTS, Food Trucks, ART galleries, culture, points of interest, sports and more.

iFinditChicago Android app connects Chicago residents to vital food, medical and shelter resources faster.

Taxi Share Chicago is an Android smart phone application designed to increase efficiency, reduce CO2 emississions and cut down on already congested streets and highways. The app allows users to find each other and share a cab to popular destinations around the city and to the major aiports. It is also designed to reduce incidents of drinking and driving by providing users a one-touch button to easily call a cab when they need one.

Chicago City Crime is an Android application that displays crimes near your location, assuming you are within Chicago city limits. There is no universal definition of what is safe, as something considered safe by one individual could be considered unsafe by another. That's why Chicago City Crime allows you to choose your own criteria when you search for crimes.

GotGame combines Chicago park data, GPS, and elements of to support the emergence of community use of the city's parks. By allowing residents to choose an activity (basketball), find parks near them that support the activity (a basketball court) and schedule a game, GotGame enables people to meet up and use the facilities at the parks near them.

AllSchedules gives you access to a huge collection of transit schedules, for different transport modes (bus, metro,train, tram ferry, etc.), in multiple cities around the world. Chicago is one of those cities, including schedules for Metra, CTA and Pace Suburban Bus.

Farmers markets help build local economies, create vibrant social gathering places and establish a local food system for residents that encourages a healthy diet and lifestyle. The opportunity for local residents to learn about the food they eat is an important part of living a green conscious lifestyle and this app is a wonderful complement to the Chicago green initiatives already in place.

GoChicago is a great app for Chicago residents and visitors alike! Visitors can use GoChicago as a tour guide to find places of interest to see during their stay in The City. Residents will marvel at the city landmarks that are all around them wherever they go. Whenever you're out in the city, GoChicago will show you where you are on the map, and show surrounding landmarks. You might not know that there's a historical house on the next block, but GoChicago does!




Kenya's open data helped develop this app, Msema Kweli, a mobile application that helps keep track of Community Development Fund projects. By simply being able to choose the project from a list generated from your choice of constituency, the app shows the relevant details of that project. It then allows you to be able to share the same project to your contacts via SMS, email or on social media platforms.