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  • Kathleen Bowyer

    Architecture Petra, Jordan, Most amazing place I've ever seen ... and I've been to a few places!!

  • Charisse Loder

    Petra, Jordan travel

  • Elaine Conner

    Very high up on my bucket list! Architecture Petra, Jordan

  • Cynthia Karr

    Petra, Jordan --I can pretend I'm Indiana Jones on the last crusade ;)

  • Julee Isaac

    Petra, Jordan Known for its archaeological sites, Petra is located on Mount Hor and considering its huge popularity with people from all across the world, it was almost completely unknown to those outside of Jordan and the immediate surrounding area until the early 19th century. Most famous for the masses of buildings that physically built into the mountain, seeing Petra in person is nothing short of breathtaking. Most Beautiful Places In The World

  • Stacy Eldridge

    Architecture Petra, Jordan I am going to be here in June : )

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Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan. I probably won't be traveling in the Middle East anytime soon, but I can still dream

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  • Mary Galati

    Loved Petra.

  • Aashdoda

    This is what I call getting away from it all and stepping into the past, a portal of time with many questions.

Petra, Jordan. Don't know why but I've always wanted to see this

  • Jamie Evans

    Because its incredible!

  • Thomas Correa

    Awesome place! Great hike. Great sights.

  • Kathy DeRouchey

    Is that the same one that was in Indiana Jones 3? I assumed it was a stage. Wow! That's incredible. Who looks at a flat stone face and decides to carve something like that? They don't make 'em like that, anymore.

  • Megan Skaret

    It BEGS the questions why? Why did they chose to carve all of this into solid living rock?

Petra, Jordan. One of the most incredible places I've ever visited.

  • Lisa G.

    This is why I wish I was deployed to Saudi Arabia at least once during my military career. It would have been so close!

To get the first glimpse of Petra from the back of a horse or a camel, just like all the other travellers through the ages did. "It seems no work of Man's creative hand, by labour wrought as wavering fancy planned; But from the rock as if by magic grown, eternal, silent, beautiful, alone! - John William Burgon.

Petra, Jordan. Indiana Jones film locale maybe? Seems familiar. No matter. I want to go.

visitheworld: Early morning at The Treasury, Petra, Jordan (by

Petra, Jordan... One day i shall be like indiana jones and find the knight and be a part of the last crusade... like a boss

  • Fill Green

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