Lowercase to Uppercase spoon matching game.

Putting letters or numbers in order... Cheap and brilliant!

Alphabet Match - matching upper case and lower case letters. So simple to make using bottle tops and foam letters! learning4kids

Matching letter to letter OR matching upper case to lower case!

Teacher Bits and Bobs: Magic Spoons

What a fun idea!

letter spoon matching game

word family eggs

Momma's Fun World: Alphabet crafts for each letter. When complete I'd like to attach all of these to the same sized papers and make a little book!

Fun way to "write" letters

Uppercase/Lowercase Letter Match and Sound Review with plastic eggs. Lots of other ideas to play and learn with plastic eggs too. #Momto2PoshLilDivas

Letter Pops - Students draw a craft stick from container. If they can name the letter or think of a word beginning with the letter, they keep the stick. The student with the most sticks wins the game.

Learning Fun: Alphabet Museum

Daily 5 Word Work FREEBIES

Children match the uppercase letter "scoop" ball, to the lowercase letter "cone" and carry their "ice cream" across the room to to pick up the next one.

Super easy and cheap to make.

Use letter beads on pipe cleaners to make words!

Magnetic Letters

Alphabet Matching Ice Cream Game

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