awww ry :)



Ryan Gosling Acts Out "Hey, Girl" memes...haha

this is the best one I have ever have top open it in your browser to see it.... . . . .holy god . . .im scared to look, someone tell me what it is

Sad but

Every time.

Hahaha! This is perfect!

Funny Flirting Ecard: Screw flirting, I'll win you over with my awkwardness.

Ryan Gosling: Hey girl, if they called your name, Id volunteer as a tribute. :D ohmygosh. Hunger games... AND RYAN GOSLING?

99% sure that I would only fall for this pick up line if Ryan himself said it to me ;)


For all the crafting/sewing ladies out there... all Ryan Gosling pictures with hilarious quotes.

Handmade Ryan Gosling

Maybe for Ryan...maybe

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Me too, Ryan Gosling. Me too.

Betty White knows how it is.