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    • Dolores Sennebogen

      I always wanted to be just like my big sister and she hated it. But in two more years, she had the last laugh. She got a brand new party dress and I wore the same old thing - her hand-me-down.

    • Sarah Mcpherson

      lol..makes me think back to when my mom dressed me and my sisters alike and i hated i am doing it to my girls =)

    • Andrea Herrera

      The funny thing is, is that it was the opposite way around for me my sister. She hated when anyone wore anything she had, even to extent you couldn't use the same bail polish. Ahhhh sisters

    • Tammy Miller

      So true! That's why I don't dress my girls the same I hated it when my mom made me and my sister!

    • Evelyn Mabery

      The difference between little and big sisters :) so funny! This is SO Abby and Sydney!!!! LOL!!!

    • Jessica Helton

      haha, basically how I feel when my sisters wear the same thing as me. SO TRUE!!!

    • Joshua Rachel Eidson

      This was me and my sister, and one day it will be my girls. Hilarious!

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    I'm hope I'm as awesome as this when I'm older!

    I definitely did this at the office *all* the time. :) It does work!


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    ♥ This would so be Em

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    Uhh yeah! I am a Cajun you know!

    lol made me laugh soo hard..


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    This is sooo my sister!! She has all her life taken the middle piece of the cake!! It's infuriating!! ;)


    Emily Deschanel and Zooey Deschanel :) Oh my gosh, I'm dying! Soo funny! "This was terrifying. I was terrified." Poor Zooey!