Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William

Princes William and Harry with their parents the Prince and Princess of Wales

Prince Charles & his son, Prince William

Harry and William & Charles

Charles, Prince of Wales, and Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry in the wildflower meadow at Highgrove House

Adorable! This is Prince William's favorite photo with his grandmother.,,20395222_20599179,00.html

Smitten by Britain: The World of Mrs. Windsor-A look at Queen Elizabeth in time for the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation

3 generations - The Queen sits in front of her son, Prince Charles, her grandson, Prince William and her husband Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Harry at Camp Bastion

Prince Charles Princess Diana Royal Wedding Blue Transferware Mug Adams 1981……..WELL, ANOTHER ROYAL CUP --- SMASHED ……..ccp

Prince William

I've never seen this the casualness of it

Charles, William & Harry

little princes.

William & Harry

Prince Harry

Charles and Diana 1981

too cute

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Prince Charles and his boys... #fordad