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muslim hatred of Christians

Pinner: I CAN'T SAY THIS LOUD ENOUGH! We elected a man who is NOT what he portrayed himself to be. He's bypassing Congress,using the IRS for his personal agenda,lies & misleads us turning us AGAINST EACH OTHER! Obama is NOT the friend of Americans! Women's unemployment is only second to that of blacks. Soon our govt. Will do away w/OUR RIGHTS censoring us & TV shows. Conservatives & theTea Party are on his TERRORIST LIST HE's taxed us,giving it to MUSLIM nations then asks FOR MORE MONEY1


"It's obvious that it's up to us, the American people, to view the facts as they are known and hold someone responsible for the death of our ambassador and 3 others in Benghazi. Defeat Hillary in 2016."

gun "control" only means the criminals are going to be the ONLY ones with guns other than the police (who are 10 minutes away at best)

Politics as usual…You can be a Conservative Republican or a Conservative.. I prefer being an American Conservative.

I Am An American!! We the People will fight to keep our Freedom!!

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what's wrong... via: Revolution- The Time Has Come. (fb)

This person no longer wastes time debating with inbeciles who actually believe that MORE GOVERNMENT is the answer to our problems.


He is SICK with power and the clueless just gave him another 4 years.


Patrick Henry a great Patriot

Gun Control & Liberals

I believe in doing good because good needs to be done. I believe in being kind, because this world needs kindness. I don't do these things for the promise of heaven or hell. I do them because they are the right things to do.

WAKE UP AMERICA! /// The reason is that both parties have been illegally raiding the Social Security Trust Fund.