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Insanely Pretty! white ink with black shading. Not thos placement but I love the idea

White ink w/ black shading tattoo. Not crazy about the bird but I like the white ink with black shading.


X-ray flower tattoo. This is exactly what I want with a splash of water color to represent all 3 of my babies

I wish the lotus flower on my side looked like this! JEALOUS.

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White Ink Tattoos

Lace sleeve by Watson Adkinson at Blndsght tattoo in Portland, Maine. -- I wouldn't do a whole lace sleeve, but I love the idea of a lace tattoo in white ink!

Seize the day, show the world you are moving forward with this awesome black tattoo. These three arrows signify that you are strong and upwardly mobile. This can be worn as an armband tattoo, a should

Carpe Diem Arrow Tattoo

Future Quote: The quote Carpe Diem, "Seize The Day", fits in with the feeling of wanderlust, adventure and excitement.

I tried getting a white tattoo, but the people wouldn't do it- Said it wouldn't look good- WELL this one does- and I love it! haha

Okay, I love this. if I ever get a tattoo, which is doubtful, I think I would definitely do the white ink thing. It's subtle.