Towel bars as lid racks! I feel silly for not thinking of this, actually.

pots & pans lid storage

So smart.

Pot Lids held in place by a curtain tension rod--genius!

Spice rack out of mop/broom holder!

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Magazine file attached on the cupboard door. Why have I not thought of this before? It's brilliant!

Good idea.

.Use a strong paper towel type rod to store your garage garbage bags. No more big box taking up valuable shelf space.

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Stack pans instead of nesting them. Turn a vertical bakeware organizer on its end and secure it to the cabinet wall with cable clips.

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Hanging Magazine Racks As Fruit/vegetable Holders....good idea to add more storage

Sliding Pot Holder

Tupperware lids. Attach basket to metal shelf (I have oodles). Or could even use a cookie rack. If the basket was deep enough and the lids didn't stick too far above the rack, could even stack them! Darn fine idea!

use hooks to hang pot lids

My scarf organization thanks to two pins that I liked--towel bar and shower curtain rings! Makes me smile!

Organize your cookie sheets by using tension rods -- love it!

Oh GENIUS! I LOVE this and should think about doing it since we don't have a real pantry and limited cabinet space!