Fingerless Mittens

Folded back fingerless mittens (with a button top) - would love to see the original felted wool version of these - I don't usually like fingerless gloves, but these are super cute!

The Commuter-cabled fingerless gloves- folded ribbed cuff that is buttoned on the top cable. An optional hidden second button under the cuff of The Commuter allows for extra coverage on cooler days.

Commuter fingerless mittens: 2011 Usually worn with the cuff folded over away from fingers, but convert in this way for colder weather.

Cute mittens (free pattern)

mittens (free pattern) Great plan for all of fingerless glove patterns I saved, only to realize it's my fingers that get so cold!

Parmaksız eldiven nasıl örülür anlatımlı

Parmaksız eldiven nasıl örülür anlatımlı

The homemade fingerless gloves make a thoughtful homemade Christmas gift idea. Free knitting pattern so you can make your own.

This free fingerless gloves pattern makes two-way mitten gloves that combine the versatility of fingerless gloves with the warmth of mittens.

Free Pattern

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