Victoria Crowned Pigeon wow!

⭐"Indian Peacock."⭐It's too beautiful not to share!

Beautiful Peacock...⭐...


Malaquita Kingfisher

Love birds ;)

Painted Bunting Bird

Blue Jay -- I love to put bird seed on my window sill in my home office, and then watch the Blue Jays and Cardinals flock to eat.

Blue Jay

Birds - Vogels

Lilac to black ombré. The splash of orange/apricot is something only nature could have come up with.

Mute Swans in Love

Now these are BLUE birds!

Taiwan Blue Magpies

Peacock Beauty.


Red Cardinal. Such pretty birds. Saving up for my grand trip to the USA so perhaps I will get to see one.

So Blue

Great Spotted Woodpeckers