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    Simplicity in Action: Emma "Eating sweetcorn or peas straight from the garden, making my own wine and grape juice, making an apple pie with home-grown fruit, collecting the eggs and making a huge omelette… very low-cost activities that not only distract me but enhance my diet and quality of life."


    really good article on clutter (note to self: read this article for encouragement and inspiration anytime I need to declutter!)

    Becoming minimalist

    Give away one item each day. Colleen Madsen at 365 Less Things gives away one item each day. Over the past several years, she has experienced quite a transformationsimply reducing her stuff one day at a time.

    Miss Minimalist, Francine Jay: the joy of less

    15 clutter busting routines

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    Keep or not?? Sentimental items

    8 Ways to Get Organized - Dollar Store Style1

    Something tells me ill be glad i pinned this...How to do a no spend month; also this blog has lots of other stuff to explore: "Learn how you can simplify your home, your finances, your family life and your time."

    Miss Minimalist

    check out this ladies website, she has monthly printouts with a TO DO list for each month. She accounts for holiday and all!! Very cool!

    10 Ways to Become a Minimalist

    Clutter Free Forever | How to Get Organized | Best De-Cluttering Tips


    Minimalism challenges what you thought you knew about what you wanted in life. Minimalism is about having the space and freedom in your life for what really matters. | inspiration, tips, baby steps - because simple living shouldn't be hard

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    The Importance of Knowing When to Give Up - Organized crap is still just crap... | 31 Days Exploring Minimalism | minimalist living, simple living, organization, decluttering

    101 Steps to a Simpler Life