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The Hi Living ANDERSON is a sturdy little ankle boot poised to become your go-to pair this spring.

The Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Viv is stealing hearts for another season. The black/white/pink colo(u)rway is re-stocked in stores and online!

Fans of the LIZ are likely not to be users of the words “muted” or “subtle” in everyday conversation. Find them in six kitschy colo(u)rways in stores and online!

The BLQ: When you fly Fluevog, you always fly first class.

The Odette: a perfect fit for the bold, unafraid and unapologetic, these shoes/statement-makers will have routine skeptics thinking: Dorothy who? Temptations…be vigilant, protect your sole.

Complete with textured leathers and a chunky rubber sole to have you feeling equipped and ready to go for any occasion, this latest lace-up addition to The ATV Family will be your loyal companion through whatever chapter life brings next. Free your sole.

Appropriately named after our Washington DC Fluevog location, this powerful player is straight out of America’s capital and ready to stomp out boring footwear.

This Spring, John brought back the beloved Kendra in a new colourway! Named after one of our awesome Fluevogologists at HQ (who is the official party starter), The Elegant Conversations Kendra, just like its namesake, will be sure to get the conversation going. The Kendra will guide you through any event with grace, confidence and (most importantly) comfort.

The Soprano Angelina, a gorgeous, tongueless lace-up built of soft, Portuguese leathers and a darling 3” heel. Sometimes, beauty can arise from the least likely of situations.

A clever mix of old and new, The Bella Cohen is a chic new slouch mule adorned with vintage Vog features like our signature Frugal heel and Swordfish bumped toe. The Bella Cohen will have you wordlessly radiating optimum cool while you’re out strolling the city streets.

Sun-baked patios, tan lines, and the slow, sweet melt of ice cream cones are but a dream for some of the more cold-weathered Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom styles, but The Sam is a cheeky little sandal that’s ready to play in the sun.

The Axe will handily cap off any rock and roll look you put together this season. Those in the know will happily attest to The Axe’s uncanny ability to impart instant (but not arrogant) confidence on every lucky wearer. You’ve been warned.

The Truth Bekkie is a wicked little boot ready to fill the void of warm-weathered, killer cool styles. Truth and integrity since 1970.

The Living Mona is a good cousin of the beloved Malcolm boots. Whether your ride is a sexy, vintage hard tail or your own two feet, The Living Family's Mona satisfies the inner biker girl in all of us.

The Karyn is a lace up boot that will comfortably venture sidewalks for the busy Fluevoger (and happily carry you home at the end of the day). Go ahead and kick back with The Karyn tonight.

The Elegant Conversations Family doesn’t settle for small talk, and The Lena is ready to raise the conversation to a meaningful new level – exactly 4” to be exact, in the beautiful uniquely shaped, leather-wrapped heel. With The Lena on your feet, you’ll always have the perfect conversation kick-off.

The Half Truth Veda is so reminiscent of the classic kitten-heeled pump that, at first glance, it triggers imagery of pantsuits and choreographed dance numbers from more nostalgic times. Perfect for any punk-rock princess heading to her 9-5.

The Ava embraces all of the adorable characteristics of The Viv – like the smooth, aniline leather, brightly lined gussets and 2.5” heel, but switches them up to create the most adorable little chelsea style that you ever did see. This combination of characteristics makes for a boot so cute, you’ll want to pinch its adorable (hypothetical) cheeks!

The Mezzo Family embraces that vintage feel with The Cecilia; built with gorgeous napa and soft Portuguese leathers. The 2.25" heel is similar to The Operetta Family, just a pinch higher, and the boot itself has a gorgeous inside zipper to hide that incredibly suggestive ankle of yours.

True to his Canadian roots, John broadcasts a unisexy chelsea boot in the Radio family, making the slip-on Radio RCI boot the hippest international ankle boot out there. In 21 different languages, and with it's walkable tunite soles with a resoleable soft rubber topy, the RCI speaks of comfort and style to all the unique souls around the world. Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out!

The Kendra is named after one of our awesome Fluevogologists at HQ — she's one of the style geniuses behind the stores, and our official party starter. The Elegant Conversations Kendra, just like its namesake, will be sure to get the conversation going with grance, confidence and (most importantly) comfort.

Inspired by fashion-forward members of the Cretaceous period, The Queen of the Skies Family takes a step back to a time when spikes were all the rage. The Venus, with its stunning 4” pillar heel, is the perfect companion to charm that sexy Paleontologist you’ve been eyeing with your best Deinonychus impression (and if you know what that is, you’re totally in).

John’s never been a fan of playing by the rules, and his outfits are often a reflection of his rebellion (dinner jacket and shorts, space age glasses, and so on). His shoes are the one place he can always make it work, and The Alexander is the perfect example. With this Gateway Angel style, you’ll win well-dressed brownie points in the office and respect on the streets of your daily commute.

The Grace is styled to give you the comfort and confidence to walk into a deeper knowledge of who you are. Whether it’s possible or not, that a chelsea boot can give you a better understanding of self is yet to be determined, but with beautiful, reliable footwear, the journey is going to look pretty darned good.

The Defender is built on top of a well-gripped rubber 2” heel and 1.25” platform rubber sole, with uppers of sturdy sheep leathers, and all tied together with some extra tough blake stitching. Just like the rest of The ATV Family, The Defender is ready to ditch the pathway and get messy.