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So true! I can be so impatient!

Don't expect me to sugar coat anything, especially if you ask for my opinion. I warned you.

Aquarius Daily Fun Fact..Not Sarcasm for me..replace it with passive agressive

Aquarians usually say exactly what they're thinking or will stay completely silent.

Indeed I am and I am pretty confident all of my close friends would vouch :) ~


Zodiac City

Ahhhh yeah... But what are you trying to say, I'm fat or I need a tan or my house is dirty... Oh no now I am stressed out!


Aquarius-Mmm yep pretty dangerous when they get to that silent hurt point

"When Aquarius is hurt, the recovery process is very long. They can't just snap out of it. Already a detached type, they may grow even more distant." ... this is so me, right now.

Oh my god, I'm so empathetic it's not even funny! I always try to base my decisions on how it will make other people feel. I base everything on how I would feel in that situation.

Aquarius... Gets me into trouble!

Im seriously such an aquarius. almost every description matches so well

Oh my gosh I always do this . . . even though I shouldn't...maybe my friends will now believe me!!! Lol I'm a pro


Aquarius, yea up until the point where they cant take anymore bullkaka and blurt out everything thats ever hurt them to strangers that they never expect to see again just to find that small bit of relief that they arent the only ones that know anymore. Im trying to recreate this relief and i have been for the past year, its not working out soo well..