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Surprisingly evil

Aquarius. This is quite true!!

True, if I'm opening up don't take it lightly. You'll end up hurting me more and I'll close up tight and it will be double hard to get me back open again.

Don't expect me to sugar coat anything, especially if you ask for my opinion. I warned you.

Aquarians usually say exactly what they're thinking or will stay completely silent.

This is so, so true. One of my obvious traits! People think I accumulate stuff but the reality is…I bought the shit to do it myself because they are not dependable enough to count on! Slackers!

Zodiac Signs: Kings/Queens of facial expressions - Pisces, Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius. GEMINI PRIDE!!!

yup that is true :)

Indeed I am and I am pretty confident all of my close friends would vouch :) ~

Aquarius Daily Fun Fact..Not Sarcasm for me..replace it with passive agressive

Aquarius - Zodiac Signs

And speed walk everywhere!

I still love you and I wanted it to work out so bad but you gave up. I never wanted to give up on you. =( Taurus man who still has my heart though you no longer care for me.

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Aquarius traits.

A smile may hide those thousand feelings from others. Yet my heart still bleeds inside. I could die tomorrow and people would say, "Oh. She was smiling. She at least died happy." And the truth, will die with me.~ 67rican

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