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  • Myriam Vachon

    Multi-Grade Matters: Ideas for a Split Class: A Simple Formative Assessment for Planets Unit

  • Purple Panda

    Rotate Revolve model

  • Sarah Ague

    Rotation and Revolution--genius science idea

  • Kim McMahon

    Science Matters: Solar System

  • Holley Kloosterman

    Here is a simple idea for an informative assessment: Rotate/Revolve Model Make this simple model to demonstrate the differences between rotation and revolution. Thread a practice golf ball onto a pipe cleaner. Twist the pipe cleaner closed, to make a loop. To show rotation: spin the ball. To show revolution: slide the ball around the pipe cleaner. The materials are so simple and inexpensive, you could make a classroom set of these and have students try it out themselves. You can make a larger scale model using a hula hoop and a wiffle ball. You will have to cut part of the ball open to get it around the hula hoop

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Solar System: Rotating and Revolving Teaching Special Thinkers. I would use this to teach the difference between the planets rotating and revolving. After this, I could work my way into the stars and different constellations.

Jimmy Dean | "Spaced Out" This is my favorite commercial of all time. It makes me tear up every time.

earth's rotation/revolution

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What a simple way to illustrate the relationship between the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Rotation and Revolution!

Interactive Science Notebook - revolve and rotate

Phases of the Moon interactive display. Students put their heads in the middle and rotate. Great way to see that the only things that are really changing are the location and angle/perspective. From eberopolis.blogsp...

This is sooo easy ---> Make this Practice Thermometer with a straw and a pipe cleaner!