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      That mother fucker stole my cupcake. |Teacher Appreciation Week is upon us (tomorrow is Sweet Treat Day)and I am looking for a cute "Cupcake" tag. Then... THIS... decisions... decisions... ;) !!!!

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      I'm That Person... I can distinguish the Differences between a joke, Irony , criticism and an insult and your so called Sarcasm. irony-symbolIrony vs Sarcasm "In accordance to the definition of any dictionary an irony is the use of word or phrases that express a totally different meaning from its literal meaning, wherein sarcasm is the use of words that is a bit sarcastic and intended to make someone the victim of ridicule. Now when it comes to the difference between irony and sarcasm, sarcasm is actually a subdivision or part of irony in a way, but it is used more specifically to hurt and embarrass the person personally. The attack is more personal and deliberate in nature and this is only used by people when they are angry or do not like the person they are talking to. More often than not, sarcasm is also more derogatory and really insulting. However, even if this is the case many people still use sarcasm to hide their true feelings, and the oddest thing is that even friends use this to one another as a butt of joke or a way to tell their friends how they really feel. Just always keep in mind that you should also take into consideration your bond with that someone. If your ties are really strong and tested then it might be fine to use sarcasm once in awhile, since it could break your relationship if the sarcasm used is totally hurtful. Irony, on the other hand is a more subtle way of expressing how you really feel, but without really saying and hurting them. Sounds confusing? An irony is expressing a word that is not really what you wanted to say. Like when you say the phrase ‘over the top’ or ‘way over your head’ to another person, it is a restrained way of saying that, ‘maybe they should think about it first’, because they might not be capable or don’t have the capacity to do it. Furthermore, irony can be used not just in words but also in situations wherein the circumstances are more ironic. Irony is absolutely not used to offend another person directly or indirectly. In other words, Irony tones and delivery will always be humorous and sometimes can be viewed as life’s practical joke. So if you are the one at the receiving end of an irony, you might even laugh at the whole thing and might not even bother to look into the real meaning of that irony. Now that we have drawn the line and have define the real meaning or the difference between irony and sarcasm, it would be easy to compare which words is an irony and which one is the sarcasm. Remember always, that sarcasm is nasty and not very good, especially if that sarcasm is directed towards you. Even if you are not the intended victim ,it is still not funny to use sarcasm, unless of course the situation really calls for it. Is there a fine line between a joke and an insult...sometimes? How can you tell the difference? That's the big problem with the PostModern sensibility. Everything's ironic. Everything's satire. Everything's sarcastic. That can be really fun but it also allows very passive-aggressive types to be extremely cruel while pretending that its their target's fault for not being hip to the irony. It is an insult if there is a hint of truth in it. A lot of people use insults thinly disguised as jokes, so they can say "I'm only kidding! you cant take a joke!" and turn it all back on to you, if you dare to retaliate. If someone is joking around with you, and you get angry or offended, then the person will say, "I'm sorry, I'm just joking, Didn't mean to offend you." On the other hand, if the person is insulting you, and you get offended, that's exactly the reaction that the person wants.people should try to be sensitive to others feelings when telling jokes...even though some comedians made their careers from insulting others. What is the difference between criticism and an insult? Criticism is telling the raw truth on how someone can change for the better, and an insult is purposefully using the truth and intensifying it to make someone feel bad or hurt someone's feelings. Criticism is unintentional, and insult is intentional, in a nutshell". What are the differences between joking, teasing and bullying? Joking - between two people on a subject they both find highly amusing Teasing - at the extent of one person being the joke but in a light hearted way were this person 'the joke' also sees the funny side and it is not too personal Bullying - Personal insults that the victom does not find funny or amusing in any way Joking - is usually intended to make others laugh, it could be about anything and usually makes light of a situation. Teasing - can be used when flirting and is harmless poking fun at someone or trying to make them laugh on purpose, it can also work when someone is feeling a bit low and helps them to stop taking things (and themselves) so seriously. It should be done in moderation so that it doesn't get out of hand lol. Bullying - well, it's just plain nasty. It involves humiliation and is usually intended to make the person feel bad or uncomfortable. It can also involve pressuring someone into doing something or feeling a certain way. It's definitely nothing like teasing or joking and is usually fueled by jealousy. It can be sexual, at the workplace or at school and can be carried out by an individual or a group with a 'mob mentality'. So the main difference is that joking and teasing are done in jest to make people laugh.....bullying is done in secret to make people cry or be intimidated. it's that simple. Perception of the person receiving the joke, tease, bully. You could tell the same joke to a room full of people and some might think the joke is funny, but maybe someone who was abused as a child would find that very joke offensive.joking and teasing is usually just social banter, bullying is when it is done to try and break someone down in order to make yourself feel like you have some self esteem".

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      Funny Stuff

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      Fuck you and your inspirational quotes and shitty ecards.

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      :) Can't stop laughing- this is so true!

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