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I missed out on the big Kerfmaker craze a few years back. I think I was spending the year dead for tax purposes or something. In any event, I have a bunch of projects in the shop that have doors with a grid detail and the Kerfmaker was the tool .

This beautiful leather Macbook iPad Mini folio organizer is stitched using soft cowhide leathers. It is sturdy, practical and styled with our minimalistic charisma. The organizer will fit an MacBook a

Fascinating Shabby Chic Furniture Ideas_16

A webpage devoted to the nipping press and copying press, their history,the differences between them and things to watch out for when buying a second hand press.

Round Tri-Weave

This is a James Linnell leathercraft stamping tool made of steel and bronze. It is an American made Large Round Tri-Weave stamp. It is simple in design and produces a very bold pattern. The impression

Vertical Lined Thumb Print Set

画像1: バッキングプレス (1)

#607 Build Your Own Carving Stand - Wood Carving Patterns and Techniques

Celtic Tree journal

The hardbound Celtic Tree Journal folds over itself upon its front face, sealing closed magnetically with its seam mirror the wavy trunk of the Celtic tree of life design it displays. Measures 5 x SKU: BBBUCELT - Online Store Powered by Storenvy

물이 수증기가 되어 증발하고또다시 비가 되어 땅 위로 리듬을 타고 다시 흘러내리듯이계절이 정해진 때에 ...

F992 Figure Border

This tool is a steel Figure Border Stamp and is number The tool measures in length and in height.