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    I ate your elf on the shelf

    Hilarious Video: Confessions of a Dog Toy

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    Dog shaming

    Now that is true

    lol this is too funny - I liked the elf on the shelf thing the first time I heard about it . . . About 2 days later, everyone I know is doing it, so I can't get on board with it anymore!!

    Does someone need a hug?

    I Ate My Dad's Burrito

    Buddy the Elf Movie Angry Elf Shirt by FishbiscuitDesigns.

    Vintage Christmas Card.

    "It tastes like a crappy cup of coffee.---It IS a crappy cup of coffee." "NO, it's the world's BEST cup of coffee!"

    When You Outgrow Elf on a Shelf | Stix Blog

    Hee, hee

    We're NOT tired...We're waiting up for Santa! #Animals

    Oh dear....

    Dog selfie

    Too funny

    I ate a headband and a sock. Then I had explosive diarrhea all over my crate, and my blanket, and my toys, and through the bars onto the floor. Then I made my person take me to the vet and spend $100. Then I pooped out the sock and the headband, and now I act like nothing happened.

    Stalker cat…Reminds me of my child, haha!