I ate your elf on the shelf

Attack Of The Funny Animals – 60 Pics

Oh yeah, teehee!

Some dogs don't mind sharing attention ... and some dogs, not so much. But do dogs actually have the ability to feel jealousy, or its cousin envy? Read more about some studies that look to answer that question at the link.



Hahaha guess I'm not allowed to have children if my dachshunds have their way

wtf was that

I cannot stop laughing.

elf dog!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – lol

Maybe put a screen door there. GSDs will go right through. :D

30 funny animal memes-THIS 1st one is a funny dog meme. Others are all kinds of different kinds of animal funny memes.


lol @Mel L

This cracked me up!

Does this happen to your dog, too? http://www.youmustlovedogsdating.com

Hahahaha so true