I ate your elf on the shelf

Hilarious Video: Confessions of a Dog Toy

"Today I ate 12 chocolate liquor bottles. Got so drunk I couldn't stand up, and then projectile vomited across the living room. And now I am hung over!!"


Dog Lips

Oh dear....

So true!

When You Outgrow Elf on a Shelf | Stix Blog

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Elf :)

Elf on the shelf...funny

Now that is true

lol this is too funny - I liked the elf on the shelf thing the first time I heard about it . . . About 2 days later, everyone I know is doing it, so I can't get on board with it anymore!!

Hahaha! True. :-)

Does anyone else's dog smoosh their face in the smallest space of crook in your arm to get attention? Mine does!

Dog selfie

This is hilarious!

This dog who’s just…he JUST CAN’T. HE CANNOT. handle life right now. | 33 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now


We're NOT tired...We're waiting up for Santa! #Animals