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Giant wonky star! Love it!

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giant star quilt made from layer cake - no instructions on site

Sew La Teafrom Sew La Tea

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Giant Wonky Star Quilt by SewLaTea, via Flickr/I like how this is quilted, This would be a perfect, quick, baby quilt.

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Baby quilt

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baby quilt

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Just solids from Moda... the Cutting Table

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wonky stars finished 1

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"H" Block baby quilt

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mod chevron baby quilt

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giant star round 2 by amylouwhosews, via Flickr uses 10.5" squares. makes a 40"x40" quilt

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wonky star mini quilt: this would make a great baby gift

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So pretty...

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wonky stars

Bloglovin’from Bloglovin’

copenhagen // black & white

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Cute baby quilt