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meth mouth

effects of crack & meth on teeth

Meth user.

got meth?

oral carcinoma / mouth cancer, staging: T4N2M0

Can You Tell Who’s the Soda Addict and Who’s the Meth Addict?

Smokeless Tobacco - Stormfront Mouth cancer

Oral myiasis is a rare disease in humans associated with poor oral hygiene, suppurative oral lesions, alcoholism and senility, etc. It's caused by fly larvae!

before & after --meth!

Meth mouth

Teeth removed from meth users at a free clinic.

Meth mites...the itching under the skin from meth

This is from a brown recluse spider bite that was not taken care off

Rattlesnake bite victim

Indeed it is! Smile Savvy | #Dentists | #Marketing | www.smilesavvy.com

Meth addict picked a sore all the way to the bone. - absolutely shocking, if this isn't a wake up call not to use Meth, I don't know what is!

Rotten mouth caused by not brushing (#1) - The Weird Picture Archive