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  • Katrina Sams

    Hidden Doors | All is Not as it Appears with Hidden Passage Doorways

  • Julie Van Sandt

    Love the hidden door - my dream house needs a secret room

  • Bobbie Butz-Mcmahon

    Hidden Door Hinges Behind Bookcase | ... Tenant Finds Secret Door And Room Bookcase To Hidden Wallpaper

  • Cheri Coyner

    Secret Basement Access. My dream house would be filled with secret passageways and hidden rooms. :)

  • Pat Davis

    Maybe I read way too many Nancy Drew books when I was younger... but I love hidden doorways and hidden passages!

  • Liz Henderson

    Hidden Passage Doorways | Forgotten Space Concept Doors | Great idea for a hidden room in a basement :)

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I want like 30 different places like this in my house oneday! Could you imagine how fun adult hide in seek would be?!?! Attic Hidden Door by Eudaemonius, via Flickr

Hidden Passage Doorways > Forgotten Space Concept Doors > Woodfold Bookcase Doors> I Love Hidden doors and spaces makes the most mundane things more fun.

10 Secret Doors Into Hidden Rooms

10 Secret Doors Into Hidden Rooms. Someday I will have this in my house! -- Zombie panic room.

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I will always love a jib door; via thefullerview

Bookcase is secret door... from Mikko's hiding places. from the compound

One of my major life goals is to own a home with secret rooms and passageways. Ideally, I would like to build such spaces before my children are old enough to be aware of architecture, so they will grow up believing that it is common and normal for buildings to have magical and secret worlds within them.

hidden door in book shelves desire to inspire - - Bieke Claessens

Hidden stairs... in a book shelf that goes to the library...pretty awesome!