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Anna in Pastels - Anna de Rijk stars in Leon Mark's most recent work for the spring-summer issue of Rika Magazine. Styled by Alexander Carl, Anna wears pas

Área Visual - Blog de Arte y Diseño: Las identidades visuales de Tomasz Biskup

Amazing graphic design that gather print (book, magazine, newspaper) + typography + editorial + layout + design


Effective use of hierarchy with the scale of certain text. The sans serif text stands out against the coloured background and has a soft connotation. There is two columns that are in this poster, which also adds to the overall balance.


Nébuleuse Sonore Poster by Noémie Cédille. I think this shows Digital Design because it uses layering. I like this because it uses different colors and patterns. This inspires me because it shows me how cool layering can be. Showing a form of hierarchy.

Three Five Seven | STATIONERY OVERDOSE - Stationary Design & Branding Inspiration

Three Five Seven

Three Five Seven | STATIONERY OVERDOSE - Stationary Design & Branding Inspiration

Graphic Design

"Lou de Beauregard" Spring / Summer 11 Fashion Brand - Catalog {Woman} Photography & Art Direction I like the mix of structured typography against the manic and harsh brush strokes

不懂套路,你怎麼能做好海報? - iFuun

不懂套路,你怎麼能做好海報? - iFuun

There was a long loving post written for this Friday about thoughts i've been having lately. On living...


720213:  PURAS

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Image & Type: Here is a Visual graphic Artwork Composition Poster Mixer cover Design. I admire how the designer decided to use a simple typeface. It allows the image and text speak for itself since it is a such a historic quote.