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These simple techniques really coat and direct each lash for the best mascara application!

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Shave Less This Summer! - tips for reducing leg stubble



Retro hairstyles

Honey, You Need To Deep Condition ;) You'll need 1tbsp extra virgin olive oil with 1tbsp of honey and...the rest of the directions are on the site! Click the pic!

Another Pinner Says: "Ok, so I am repining this because I just tried it and it actually works well. It doesn't hurt as bad as waxing and it's WAY better than shaving. I made it in the microwave and the directions say 2 min, but I did it for 3. It has lots of bubbles when cooking and it is almost completely clear when its done. Absolutely love it and SUPER CHEAP!! (Also I used an old t-shirt as strips) Good luck!"

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Begin at the top - vintage hairstyle ideas from 1953.

Eye makeup brush cheat sheet!

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Try The Trend - Undereye Liner

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