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Life’s Special Moments

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"I was literally thinking this just a few hours ago, the perfect guy is the one who thinks he doesnt deserve you, and spends his time trying to be the best he can be so that he can deserve you." So true! Speak to it. I'm trying to explain this right now.


Who’s with me, guys?

Who's with me, guys?


Realizing you have a crush…

This May or may not be related to the fact that my crushes are FICTIONAL PEOPLE THAT I HAVE -1% CHANCE WITH BECAUSE THEY. ARE. NOT. REAL.

Ladies: One of these is a highly paid actor who has some nerd tendencies. The other is actually a nerd. You keep saying this word, I do not think it means what you think it means. -hahaha truth

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Sunday brunch (50 photos)

The first time I read thins my mind stopped after "Kinda' Pissed" and thought yea more than kinda', that's a big piss!

I say dude right before something moderately important. | Reminders Ecard |