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Totally awesome!

Arthur Weasley rocks. Naturally the way dads react. Haha

Harry Potter tumblr

Harry Potter- 'I Solmenly Swear...' Illustration Print by sweetjimmyshop on Etsy

Arthur Weasley ♥

Honest Movie Harry Potter

Who sold their soul for the new Harry Potter movie?

Colin's funeral...

When a poster doesn’t even need the film title for everyone to know which film it is….

"Harry Potter" - Minecraft Parody

oh my god

HARRY POTTER’s Fantastic Beasts News and Rumors! (Nerdist News Report w/ Jessica Chobot) - YouTube

Harry Pottery and the glorious puberty

Wonder what Hermione did the whole train ride to Hogwarts while Harry and Ron had the flying car? Hermione: *plays the trombone* Crookshanks: *slams the oven door*

Sirius, my son you absolute ledge

*slow clap for harry potter fandom* but seriously thank you

Draco drinks Starbucks. LOL!

His best friends were James and Sirius are you really surprised?

Funny things