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    Breaking Down the Rule of Thirds.

    Aperture in #Food #Photography | minimalistbaker.com #photographie

    How Learning Composition Will Dramatically Improve Your Photography

    Photography tips for shooting the milky way and night photography.

    If I Can't Take My Camera, I'm Not Going - The perfect t-shirt for any enthusiastic photographer who won't leave home without their camera!

    Travel Posts, Brooks Saward, Wanderlust Travel, Photography Tips Ideas, Travel Tips, Photography Tips Tricks, Blog, Travel Photography, 3 Photography

    The 10 Commandments of Landscape Photography (and how to break them). Practical landscape photography tips to get you started, and clever ideas for how to break the rules for more creative results!

    How to Check and Clean your Camera’s Sensor Dust

    This pro photographer is quite frank, and the tips in this post is valuable. Really helpful for a beginner like me. Must read for advertising, payments, and more myths.

    Improve your photography - 7 Easy Tips

    I guess I hadn't really thought about how to hold a camera... not quite as obvious as I thought! And it makes a big difference in how clear my pictures are. Great photography tips.

    Improve your photography - 7 Easy Tips

    11 Things You Can Do Today to Make Money from Photography

    How to Use a Beauty Dish to Create Beautiful Lighting

    "If I can't take my camera, I'm not going" :) This custom-designed shirt is perfect for the photographer who won't leave home without their camera, and it comes in four styles, with seven colors to choose from... Only available until August 11, so grab yours now!

    How to Remove Distracting Objects in Photoshop

    how to fix dark or underexposed photos - this is so easy!