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CHARLOTTE PIEROT The French artist Charlotte Pierot photographs and then intervenes upon an image, taking it out of its original frame with the use of other materials. Her works bare traces of a secret act, while she reframes them, like a kind of exorcism: windows and loopholes through which the body appears. Blog: Chloé Sos

Waldemar Strempler. I like the use of collage and it relates to my theme of disguise because 'she' is made up of different people.


Crossed Leg Pose -- High Heel

we have mannequin legs similiar to this like this at We have crossed hosiery legs and single legs that you can combine to make this display.

Marko Köppe face collage - Reminds me of Magritte who stated is it really possible for an artist to attach no meaning to his paintings? Perhaps it is the lack of meaning that is meaningful. And perhaps the best way to understand his work is to examine what he is not saying in his art and in this way, note what he is trying so hard to express. In addition to this, visual places or actions replace the expression, showing another way to express.