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GOD BLESS THIS DIRECTIONER.<<< THE TEACHERS NOTE THOUGH!!! >>> omg!! The teachers note!!! It says me too dear until then... Or something like that

I refuse to buy my favorite song on iTunes because I do this very thing.

:') Two years since the most wonderful boys were brought together ♥ When I get a home for my self I just might do this to them

I'm bored. Ask away (: <--go ahead and ask embarrassing and awkward stuff too!

I would love to hear what you guys have to say, please comment!

Tetris skills… lol I totally do this lol, u should see the way I struggle when my husband is at the store with me & he starts grabbing everything out of the cart & putting it on the conveyor belt in no kind of order. Yes I know I should probably be on medication lol

Askkkk it's looks fun! Please comment i am absolutely bored to death! I will answer all truthfully!

Based on my *Pinterest, who do you ship me with? Please comment ! I'd love to see what you guys think ! :)

i am literally about to break down and first i was like; "ehh i don't know about the payzer stuff" but seeing his face breaks me heart...

So this isn't 1D related, but I've done these before, and I think they're really fun! If you reply with a number (or more!) and repin this, I'll give you some numbers! So ask some questions! I'll be sure to ask you some too if you repin!

Stare at the red dot for 30 seconds then look at the wall or ceiling and blink fast!