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Jellyfish delight, awesome photography of a colorful show. The Australian jellyfish.

Moon Jellyfish ----  These translucent jellyfish are named for their resemblance to Earth’s satellite—but the species has had an otherworldly experience. In 1991 moon jellies flew aboard the space shuttle Columbia during a study on weightlessness and the development of juvenile jellyfish. Here on Earth, the jellies are commonly found in warm ocean waters worldwide.

With more than 350 different types of Jellyfish in the world, here we have listed the Top 10 Most Beautiful Types of Jellyfish on Planet Earth with facts and pictures.

Pretty Jelly Fish

I don& think you& ready for these jellies. Even if you think you are you& going to appreciate jellyfish so much more after you see these beautiful photographs.

crown jellyfish by catrulz

Creativity found in nature Mike Bacon Photography: Crown Jellyfish

This beautiful jelly fish is quite an inspiration. Maybe a line of Diamondy jelly fish should be in our future? What do you think?

jellyfish just look cool.

52 Spectacular Pictures of Jellyfish

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