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  • Marjorie Sapp

    Words to Know Before You Go: College Career Readiness iPhone/iPod touch/iPad App

  • McGraw-Hill Education

    Success in high school includes paving the way for a future path after high school graduation. Students starting in grade 9, need to master vocabulary in academic areas, in the college application process, and also in the career pathways. Words to Know Before You Go breaks down the vocabulary needed at each grade level in high school. 50 words are provided at each grade level covering academics, career, and college vocabulary.

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Alabama College and Career Readiness

Bulletin board displaying school staff with various questions, such as: Where did you graduate from high school? Where did you go to college? What was your major in college? Were you involved in activities or sports in college? How did you pay for college? Great way to provide real examples to scholars on the path to post-secondary education.

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