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    Johnny Ramone: "My Hair fell out in huge clumps. I got a wig made that cost four thousand dollars. I wore it one time and I felt ridiculous. I gave it to Eddie Vedder. One night he was hanging out with Theo Epstein. He called me the next day and said, “I was drunk last night and took photos with the wig on.” He sent them to me and they were hysterical. Eddie and Theo, drinking and wearing the wig. The photos were worth the four grand.”

  • Rattling the Cage

    Linda Ramone on Johnny Ramone's Fearless Life and Death | MTV Hive

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Eddie Vedder..... mr. cheekbones

eddie vedder-just watched the documentary "Twenty"...he just gets better with age.

Eddie Vedder . musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

Now here's one I don't have...Eddie Vedder

"I'm usually good about my temper, but all these men trying to control women's bodies are really beginning to piss me off. They're talking from a bubble. They're not talking from the street, and they're not in touch with what's real." Eddie Vedder (from Rolling Stone magazine, May 1994)

Eddie Vedder. Love the strawberry fields forever refrence.. Might love him even more now if that's possible!

Pearl Jam @ Air Canada Centre by melbourneflower

Eddie Vedder - pretty sure he wore that shirt last night

Eddie Vedder “Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will listen to music and he will be a very extroverted person who likes having fun. You will see. He is a highly modest, humorist, very well behaved, very handsome, magnificent young man with thin waist and wide shoulders.” Adnan Oktar (A9 TV; November 1st, 2013)