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    Linda Ramone on Johnny Ramone's Fearless Life and Death | MTV Hive

  • Callie Parish

    Johnny Ramone: "My Hair fell out in huge clumps. I got a wig made that cost four thousand dollars. I wore it one time and I felt ridiculous. I gave it to Eddie Vedder. One night he was hanging out with Theo Epstein. He called me the next day and said, “I was drunk last night and took photos with the wig on.” He sent them to me and they were hysterical. Eddie and Theo, drinking and wearing the wig. The photos were worth the four grand.” AHAHAAAA

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Eddie Vedder..... mr. cheekbones

eddie vedder-just watched the documentary "Twenty"...he just gets better with age.

YES I ment to put thison my hair and makeup board because his hair is awesome. I wish my hair looked like that!

Eddie Vedder . musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

"Life comes from within your heart and desire..." ("Inside Job" - Pearl Jam)

Eddie Vedder/don't frown, you'll get wrinkles ;)

Now here's one I don't have...Eddie Vedder

Pearl Jam @ Air Canada Centre by melbourneflower

Eddie Vedder - pretty sure he wore that shirt last night

Eddie Vedder. Love the strawberry fields forever refrence.. Might love him even more now if that's possible!