JUEGO RITMICO CON VASOS..... KIDS and the cup game. OCT. 2010. Way Before..."PITCH PERFECT ! " And LONG... before that all over the world as a children's game.


So many things you can teach with this: high and low pitches, legato/non-legato, short and long rhythms, harmony, etc.! Love it.

MUSIC CENTER: DON'T SPILL THE PITCHES! - SOLFEGE PITCH NOTE READING GAME - Perfect for centers and differentiation! Kids will LOVE this game! #elmused #kodaly #orff elementary music pitch centers

Cups (You're gonna miss me when I'm gone) from Pitch Perfect, originally by Lulu and the Lampshdes, SSAATB A Cappella | MuseScore.com

The Cup Game

Kodaly Choir of Paper Bag Puppets: Create your own puppet choir! Use these puppets to introduce new notes, decipher melodies with them, create classroom puppet shows, class videos, or perform with puppets in a concert... oodles of learning opportunities! Perfect for Kodaly programs and children's choirs.

What is up with Noises? (The Science and Mathematics of Sound, Frequency, and Pitch)

Orff Level I Belmont "Cup Game"

New twist on the cup passing game - CANON.... then with ti - ti Ta ostinato. Tempo fluctuates. This cup thing is a total rage right now... kids love it.

3rd Grade Music-Singing Game Mulberry Bush (Fairmont Anaheim Hills Campus) - YouTube

"Pitch" Episode #6 Preview - Quaver's Marvelous World of Music

MUSIC THANKSGIVING WORKSHEETS 20 different worksheets: note and rest names, treble, alto and bass pitch and music signs and symbols

Escatumbararibe - Lenga la Lenga w/ cups - lyrics in Portuguese in the comments all the way at the bottom.

NINE Treble and Bass Pitch worksheets $

This was just too cool, not to share. Close your eyes and just listen. It's amazing!! Credit goes to whoever recorded this.

Solfege Song - Warm Up that teaches harmony

Orff Level I Belmont "Music Alone Shall Live"- I like the idea of adding movement to a singing round...the kids can see the round go around.

Mini Music Reference Book covering: - Treble and Bass pitch - A Rhythm Pyramid - Note and rest values - Major and Natural minor... $

Fun Choir Warm-Ups for Modern Kids (4th-7th)

Re-enforce knowledge of treble and bass pitch with these fun Thanksgiving Turkey Pitch Activities