Mixed Media shag rug

This is from old Tees shirts so can go well in the bottom of the dogs kennel when cut to size : How to make your very own... SHAG RUG! I like these. And they're so easy and cheap. Great for a student on a budget who just wants to get comfy! #craft, #rug, #diy

How to make shag rug out of old t-shirts - YouTube

D.I.Y. rag rug.

rag rug

mixed media shag rug...I'd like to learn how to make my own!

rug painting tutorial

#DIY towel rug


DIY Colorful Rag Rugs!

Easy Rope Rug for a Nautical Touch in Your Living Room

DIY rug

Painted rug

rag rug

another T-shirt Rag Rug

How to Make a Shag Pillow


Felt Ball Rug

This is totally super! Make your own mosaic tiles. Let me translate: Use a rubber door mat as a guide. Accuracy is important. Mix 15ml wood glue (cold glue) with 55ml water. Then add 15ml acrylic paint in a color of your choosing and mix thoroughly. Sprinkle 80ml gypsum on top and wait until it drop to the bottom by itself, then stir - otherwise it will make lumps. Mix everything until it is the consistency of yoghurt- add water if necessary. Put it onto the rubber mat and fill the holes ta...

crocheted fabric