Starry lights Starry String Lights w/ 120 Warm White LEDs on Copper Wire 20ft Long, Ultra-thin. Amazingly Bright New Generation of Micro LEDs for Indoor and Outdoor Use. You Can Create Mesmerizing Hanging Garlands for Events such as Weddings. Wrap Around Your Patio or Backyard Trees with our Led Wire Strings providing Wonderful Decorations for a Dancing Party this Summer. Add a String or More to your Teens' Bedrooms Tinging them with a Light Fairy Looks, and Make them love their play or study ...

Better than the pillow pet nightlights because of sideways projection. Of course, placement still matters. Sky Star Master LED Night Light Projector Lamp Amazing Gift

Starry Starry String Lights! • Year Round Home Decor using Christmas lights or firefly lights. • Tons of Tips and Ideas!

Glisten String Lights from Z Gallerie

Coolest candle ever…reminds me of burn the rope game

Stargazer Lights, 6’ Battery Powered in Outdoor Living GARDEN DÉCOR Lighting at Terrain

Absolutely gorgeous. Trees with their own stands and decorated with little lights. Great for Christmas as well.

Only 5 boards and some nails

Acorn LED String Lights


Awesome use of tulle and lights! So gorgeous

Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration: Fairy String LED Lights - Fairy Light Inspiration

Love this look for the table, or an elegant party

(repin-- babies need this in their rooms and so do grownups.) Star projector. ($22, believe it or not.)

I think this is great. When the lights go out light them up.

Frame a mirror with Starry String Lights

Married people should still date each other:) Date night jar made with color coded popsicle sticks. Red=$$$ and planning required Pink=minimal $ and spontaneous White=Stay at home date Cute ideas included!!!!! This is one of the best "date jars" I have seen

Copper String Lights- I kind of want to put these on my car ceiling just for the hell of it. I've never seen it done before so why not.?

10 Paint Secrets: the secret to saving time when painting your house! Good to know!