common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden....soooo true and irritating!

Things About Me People Say I Am Crazy, So I Guess I Am Crazy.. c:

Smart Phones And Stupid People who talk to loud when they are in public places on their smartphones



My thoughts exactly

Sometimes it's the truth.

I wonder if this means for anger management, or just for parties? I am leaning towards parties. :) That would be awesome!

I'm glad that people are so concerned/obsessed with my life that they STALK me on the only social network site I have. #toofunny #worryaboutyourownlife

So true!!!

All the time.

SO true

True story.


so true

And then you just start howling, with tears running down your cheeks ... while people around you stare at you in horror. And you can't explain because you're laughing SO hard. (And my son does the same thing!): Time, Quotes, Funny Stuff, So True

so true

Ha so true