Lunchables for Men


A different take on company logos!

band aids

I love you potato


LOL. So true.

I missed his birthday last week so I’ll throw this one out there now. Edgar Allen Poe and his raven do a Bohemian Rhapsody song lyric parody. I’m just a Poe boy and nobody loves me He’s just a Poe boy from a Poe family. (via Funny LOL. Edgar Allen Poe and his raven do Bohemian Rhapsody. - OnlyFatRabbit )

The “My Dad Is a Lawyer”: | 23 Outfits Every Single Person Will Immediately Recognize....

21st birthday cake hahah

23 Men's Grooming Products That Actually Work. Good gift ideas for the men in your life!

Why action figures are awesome. did she leave the house?! People of WalMart UM, honey i don't think thats the right size for u! lmao

Hahahaha omw!

50 perfectly timed photos


Band-aids for men.

Why is this so funny!?! Lol

I shouldn't be laughing this hard lol