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I hate shower games, but this is hilarious....when the ice melts in your drink, and your baby floats you yell "my water broke". I did this at my sisters baby shower, so fun:)


Great baby shower idea…

Great baby shower idea…wouldn't it br brilliant if preggo played and her water actually broke and so she yells it but everyone thinks it is a game so they sit there laughing and whooping and getting her a prize and she is just leaking, standing there trying to tell people that her actual water broke.

It's like a keurig for babies! Heats the water and mixes it with formula straight into the bottle.


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New game for Family get togethers? could always do waterballoons with tacks on the bottom part :P

"My Water Broke!" Baby Shower game. Place tiny baby dolls in ice cube tray before freezing. Each guest takes one ice cube for their drink. The first person to have their baby cube melt has to yell "My Water Broke!". Then they get a prize for winning the game.

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