I don't want, I NEED!

I don't want, I NEED

Super Mario Brothers venus flytrap earrings WHOLLY COW YES. I bet I could make these with fimo.

Fragments of pictures which have been torn out and then sewn back in again. By Annegret Soltau


Manny Robertson's portraits are created by taking one black and white photo and one color photo and hand stitching them together

Mydriasis - Pupil dilation from drug use.

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This is a Portrait drawn with ballpoint pens!! by Samuel Silva! Amazing!

Drawing-nail t's actually a ball point pen drawing by Portuguese artist Samuel Silva, based on Kristina Taraina's photograph "Redhead Girl." Silva used seven different colored pens and spent nearly 30 hours to recreate the photo.

Fragments  FREE SHIPPING 10x15 by caryndrexl

Fragments - Self portrait with magnifying sheets. Surreal, Conceptual and Fine Art portrait photography by Caryn Drexl.