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Red cherry bubble bite. #PANDORAloves ✌ ▄▄▄Click ✌▄▄▄ PANDORA Jewelry More than 60% off!

6 of the best makeup tricks

I tilted my head and leaned forward, Wanting to. Wanting to let it happen. She parted her lips. We kissed. I felt myself inhaled Like a breath of fresh, cold air. Then she exhaled. I had turned To smoke. KB



(Open Rp) Everyone was afraid of me. Icy blue eyes were a sign of insanity, and freckles were trapped souls. I was left alone in my thoughts, never having a reason to speak. I wanted to change that. I wanted to change it all.

Sugared Lips..


Red lips

New take on "bite the bullet." It only mildly bothers me that (a) there's smoke but the bullet hasn't been fired, and (b) lead is toxic and shouldn't be in her mouth.

red lipstick

Fashion Makeup | RosamariaGFrangini || Flaming Red Lipstick *** Color Desire RED***

I love her makeup :) Maybe something we will have to try for the Black Pearl in #K24HFF

red lips

Smoking Noir...