GlamJam-The Fashion Atlas we interviewed TOVAH COTTLE, a famous fashion designer from Australia. This is her A/W 2012 collection!

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1908 Callot Soeurs - Another evening dress from a famous Parisian designer from the Edwardian era. - by Diogioscuro

Designer Norman Norell and Dovima wearing the Roman striped version of his famous sequinned evening gown, 1956. Photo by William Helburn.

Balenciaga (1963)

In 1965, Yves Saint Laurent designed shift dresses inspired by Piet Mondrian.Mondrian’s asymmetry, simple planes and forceful lines translated perfectly into the modern designs of the 1960s.


Valentino Garavani, the best designer in the last 50 years, he is such a beautiful person, and created such beautiful items <3

Drew Barrymore as Little Edie in 'Grey Gardens' (2009). Costume Designer: Catherine Marie Thomas//

Coco, look at that posture! Such a beautiful and powerful woman...yet so fragile too.

Yves Saint Laurent