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Eduardo Verastegui ..Who is this hunk??

Eduardo Verastegui Mexican Actor Has Been Practicing Abstinence For 11 Years While Waiting For 'The One' In Eduardo, it seems, God has given us an example of extraordinary beauty on the exterior that is actually coupled with a beautiful interior as well.

~It's the "I'll fuck you later" gif!!! Hello, darling! I have missed you...~

(gif) Tom Hiddleston looks at you. I'm not usually a gif obsesser, but I could watch this forever. <---I AM A GIF OBSESSER

Zack) Hey, I'm zack. I'm 17 years old. My dad is Pinocchio, and Bailey is my little sister. I love to play football and basketball.

Zac Efron ladies and gents :) look at thT smirk! he 32 Best Things About Zac Efron