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25 High-Quality Logo Designs | From up North/// Simple but yet successful design. Nice job with the illustration of the book crawling like a worm.

Logo Design: Personal Names | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration & Tutorials

This logo is weighted really well and only uses two colors which is great for printing. Lets push for something like this regardless of what the logo should be.

I would like this bette without the studio underneith but I thought the creative imagine in the logo worked well. The typed worked well the the limefish. (I don't like the studio underneith, I just dont think it works as well as the rest of the design)

I like this one a lot. Why? It's clean. I like the lines and font usage. It reads clear and well.

I actually really like this ... the two circles and the fact they are imperfect but continuous I dig it ... as a ministry logo .. not sure?

a little too much for me... but I like the concept. #logo #typography #logotype #design @codeplusform


Logotype Sketch


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Hypercompact Tinker


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Equerry by Ruslan Gordienko | ATAKA

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Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social logotype. I think it would of been even better if the designer put the diamond pattern in the cone to break up the solid triangle. But overall it is a good logotype.



Heather by Ryan Gury

G with more white space than letter! #design #typography Great use of gestalt and white space while incorporating initials or a logo. It's recognizable as a G even without several of its elements because of the brain's capacity to fill in the implied lines. Amazing!