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  • LD Frøya

    Funny stuff. Photos taken in the middle of Olympic dives.

  • Brittani Roberts

    What olympic divers look like mid dive-- hahaha. I laughed so hard at the faces.

  • Erin Shane Proffit

    Photos taken in the middle of Olympic divers!! TOO FUNNY! OMG I cried from laughing!

  • Maria Fulgham

    olympic swimmers mid-dive hahahahaha died laughing

  • Hailey Lurker

    photos taken in the middle of olympic divers. So funny!!! :)

  • Christo Vineeth

    Funny Picture: Have you seen the close up of the Olympic divers?

  • Gia Jenkins

    Faces of Olympic Divers, Mid-Dive. Yes, all these divers need a home. I guess no one thinks they're cute enough to adopt.. Sports, dive, olympics, funny faces, Diver, divers I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD

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