DIY = Old Large Sweatshirt + Buttons + Sewing Machine. This looks so cute and comfy!!

Finally!!! A tutorial for the adorable sweatshirt picture that's been floating around pinterest forever!

see kate sew: sweatshirt liposuction

Sweatshirt turned into adorable sweater


This is how people that are late to things should dress. It a huge pet peeve of mine when I'm late or someone is late.

Weekends Are For Waffles Crewneck #NYLONshop

thrift shore sweatshirt makeover.

hoodie pattern

A website called The Hoodie Shop. Ohhmy

I am a shoe addict and I am IN LOVE with this idea. Hang on while I cut up some old clothes and grab the fabric glue!

What Would Khaleesi Wear?DIY t-shirt braid necklace (in Dothraki ceremonial blue, of course!)This is simple really. cut out strips of an old tshirt, loop one end and secure it, braid, secure the other end, and tie the ends together :]   Hope that helps, but if not let me know. I have to make some tutorials over the summer so what do you want to see?

DIY skirt $ 5

I want that sweat shirt!!! Everyday Outfit, created by dlp22 on Polyvore

Sewing Machine Attached Pin Cushion Tutorial

Hand Stamped Sewing Machine Charm Necklace, Sewing Jewelry, Quilting Necklace, Quilter's Jewelry, Quilting Necklace on Etsy, $35.00

Unique wedding bouquet! Tutorial below :)